PICS (Profitable Inventory Control Systems) was incorporated in January 1985. The company's primary purpose was and continues to be the marketing, production and support of complete turn key inventory control and data collection solutions. The PICS’ systems are designed to track raw materials, finished goods, process flow and assets using barcode, RFID, and wireless technology. Over the years PICS has developed specific, vertical marketed solutions that continue lead their individual market segments. PICS has continued to grow our business over the years through continued product development, marketing and, most importantly, strong customer referrals.

Please select your area of interest or business and allow PICS the opportunity to show you why our solutions are some of the best on the market.

Our solutions are being used in many successful companies, here are a few:

Nafta Foods and Packaging Boart Longyear Wachovia Bacardi
Lanier Worldwide SkyWest Airlines BE&K, Inc. Ethicon
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If you are a distribution company or have a distribution division of your business then it is our understanding your goals from a technology perspective include solutions that allow for a smooth movement of good throughout your facility, strong and secure wireless communications, and RFID compliance if you are shipping to the government or any compliance based customer.

Inventory Control - First in First out for perishables, movement from one receiving truck to multiple shipping trucks, wireless handheld terminals running a PICS thin client eliminating the need to use a desktop computer, these are some of the highlights of what our inventory control solution has done for distribution centers across North America.

RFID Compliance - Manufacturers and distributors who ship product to the DOD, Homeland Security, and a host of retail giants are under strict contracts to become RFID compliant to avoid fines and shipment returns. PICS is fully aware of what the different RFID requirements are for your customers and can help you become compliant is a very short amount of time. PICS' other goal is to show manufacturing and distribution companies how you can make the investment in RFID beneficial to your business, not just another cost of doing business.

Wireless - PICS can source, configure, install, and support any wireless network infrastructure for any size distribution center. We can provide the necessary software to run your wireless hardware or spec hardware needed to support your current emulation or system requirements.

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PICS has been working with fund raising distributors in the fund raising business for nearly 10 years. Since our enterance to the fund raising market we have had the opportunity to work with the market leaders as well as new businesses to the market.

The PICS solution for fund raising distributors is called FundTrackerSQL. FundTrackerSQL has been developed and designed from the ground up by our existing and growing customer base. As the industry matures and looks for new and creative ways of being profitable, PICS moves and changes with the market.

Today, FundTrackerSQL supports multiple warehouse locations, home delivery, web based reporting, remote order entry, remote packing, basically everything a fund raising distributor needs to run their business in today's competitive marketplace.

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Barcode Equipment

PICS prides itself on providing the best software solutions on the market coupled with the strongest hardware offerings at competitive rates.

Point to Point Wireless – Used to connect two or more points together on one wireless network. Experience includes wirelessly enabling municipalities, secure point to point solutions to help facilitate time and attendance solutions for construction companies.

Enterprise Wireless – Internal networks for wireless computing and mobile data collection devices. PICS has extensive experience designing and deploying secure wireless networks for a host of manufacturing and distribution companies. Our clients utilized the wireless network normally for wireless, real time data collection. The wireless networks were also utilized by employee laptops and desktops with wireless cards.

AutoID Data Collection Hardware – PICS has strong ties and experience with all the major brands of barcoding hardware including: Motorola (Purchased Symbol), Intermec, Cisco, Zebra, Loftware, SATO America, Handheld Products, and many more. Coupled with our various software solutions, PICS has been able to use a host of different devices designed to work in different environments and by different types of businesses. What may work for some may not work for you. PICS can help determine the exact hardware solution needed for your specific use and enviroment and connect that hardware device into our software.

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As stated in an article from Healthcare Purchasing News:

No matter how you slice and dice it inventory control represents the guts of effective materials management. All the charisma, communication skills and confidence won't cut it if you can't get the fundamentals right so that doctors, nurses and administrators have what they need when they need it. Smart inventory control is as simple as the acronym IOU--identify your needs and opportunities, optimize your data and information management tools and understand the nuances of the supply and demand chains. "Inventory control is about product availability and balancing the costs of ownership with the costs of procuring, which includes purchasing, receiving and paying," said Dave Kaczmarek, vice president, The McFaul & Lyons Group LLC, Horsham, PA.

PICS has addressed the inventory control challenges of a hospital or medical clinic while at the same time bringing patient and procedure validation. PICS has, in one application, relieved two major needs of a medical facility who wants to utilize their inventory while at the same time adding additional validation for their patients. PICS’ software product VICSMD offers both inventory control and patient procedure validation for a fraction of traditional software solutions providing just one of those services. Please view our VICSMD information and give us a call so we can answer any other questions you may have.

Asset management is a crutial need for many hospitals and clinics. By using one of several available technologies a hospital or clinic can track, manage, maintain, and locate all assets within their facility. PICS has several asset tracking solutions available based on the requirements of the client.

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PICS has extensive experience in all aspects of the manufacturing vertical from communicating with legacy AS/400 systems to the lastest in manufacturing MRP systems. PICS has created some of the most advanced methods for tracking inventory, process tracking and automation and asset tracking in the market.

Inventory Control – Tracking raw material from the receiving door until it is picked and used in a manufacturing process. The systems then updates the raw materials inventory by backflushing and then enters into inventory the finished product.

Process Control – By using either RFID or barcoding or a combination of both, PICS and allow a manufacturer to track virtually anything through any manufacturing process.

RFID Compliance – Manufacturers and distributors who ship product to the DOD, Homeland Security, and a host of retail giants are under strict contracts to become RFID compliant to avoid fines and shipment returns.

Wireless – PICS has a long history of providing some of the most advanced wireless network solutions in the manufacturing industry.

Process Control
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Process Control

One of the most important components of a successful manufacturing company is a controlled and efficent manufacturing process. If a manufacturing process is not running at or near 100% then each percentage point below 100% equates to hundreds to thousands of dollars in lost profits.

The PICS solution for manufacturing process management is called ProcessTrakker. ProcessTrakker was developed as an efficent and affective way of collecting data from the manufacturing floor and delivering the data in a clean, easy to understand format directly to managers and decision makers within your business. ProcessTrakker combines the use of intelligent software with RFID and barcoding technologies to help identify and solve issues before they become problems and will contribute to your process becoming as close to 100% as possible.

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RFID Technology

PICS has extensive experience with all aspects of RFID technology including site design, software integration, and compliance requirements.

RFID Compliance – Manufacturers and distributors who ship product to the DOD, Homeland Security, and a host of retail giants are under strict contracts to become RFID compliant to avoid fines and shipment returns. PICS can help you become compliant and discuss how RFID can do more for your business than cost you money to become compliant.

Maximize Investment – PICS can show manufacturing and distribution companies how any “necessary” investments in RFID can be beneficial to your business, not just a cost of doing business with the government or a big box.

Where to start/Where to go – RFID technology can usually create a lot of questions as to how will it affect my business including: Can I get ever get ROI on this investment? Which technology will be best for my business? What are other businesses doing that are similar to mine? All these questions PICS can help with including onsite demos using RFID hardware and software to show a business exactly how the technology will affect their business. PICS’ has actually identified large enough issues during a demo to justify the investment in the technology…

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Wireless Technology

PICS has expertise in all types of wireless installs including point to point solutions from 11 and 54MB connections to Fast Ethernet (100MB) and wireless Gigabit. Every situation is different so let PICS review you needs and suggest the best solution.

PICS does not believe one-size-fits-all, the term "Service Provider" means PICS has access to a variety of manufacturers, each with their own unique connectivity options and specifications. Whether you are a business with multiple locations, a city with needs for free wireless access, a school district needing to connect schools, or in an unserviceable location, PICS has a wireless solution customizable to your terrain, demographics, and business case needs.

PICS supports, sells, and configures wireless hardware from the following manufacturers:

Motorola Tranzeo Cisco Systems
We use {smartassembly} for advanced software protection.
Smart Assembly